Legends of Rock Vol. 1 - Free Download Music Sampler


This is a free 15 song music sampler.  Just add to cart and checkout like you would with any paid item.  Go through all the checkout steps. When you get to the Pay Now, click on it and it will process with no money and no card needed. You'll get a confirmation screen and 2 emails.  The first email will be your order confirmation that will look like this --> Order GM5768 confirmed. The second email will say Here is Your RipStream™ Download.  <--- LOOK FOR THAT ONE. It'll have the link to the FREE album.


  1. This is the Day from MASTEDON - It's A Jungle Out There
  2. Tears of a Broken Heart from THE BRAVE - Battle Cries
  3. It's Your Decision from HALO - Heaven's Calling
  4. Bang the Drum from FIGHTER - Bang the Drum
  5. Nothing But The Blood from ROCK, POWER, PRAISE - The Hymns Vol. 1
  6. Tear Down the Walls from IDLE CURE - Eclipse
  7. Without You from SHOUT - It Won't Be Long + 4-Song Demo
  8. Come Alive from Idle Cure - Idle Cure 30th Anniversary Edition
  9. Cover Me from ANGELICA - Rock, Stock, Barrel
  10. Dome of the Rock from MAGDALLAN - Big Bang
  11. Time and Time Again form ANGELICA - Walkin' In Faith 
  12. Look Me In the Eye from FIGHTER - The Waiting + 4-Song EP
  13. Danger Zone from ANGELICA - Angelica 
  14. We Are the Children from NEON CROSS - Neon Cross w/Frontline Life EP and California Metal
  15. Pray from IDLE CURE - 2nd Avenue

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