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Reviewed by Andy Long

The 1988 Frontline album 'Shaded Pain' has until now been the only British release from Michael Knott's three piece outfit. Now, several line-up changes and name variations later this album, amongst others, has surfaced. It has a less hi-tech production but nevertheless has a more addictive feel. The songs are catchy and very listenable, Knott has a gift for writing real-life lyrics without being corny. Highlights are "Jet Plane", a lament for a stolen guitar, the protest of "Skate" and the indie wipe-out feel of "Surf With God", which reveals the heart of a man who doesn't want to spend eternity in Heaven doing nothing but singing "Shine Jesus Shine". Choirboy Steve Hindalong is at the kit in competition with the much-travelled Chuck Cummings on other tracks. It's a fun album so buy it and get tubed dude!

The M8 reissue includes three unreleased bonus tracks!

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