Love Life - Good Bye Lady Jane (CD) 2019

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The impossible to find on CD from Love Life entitled ‘Good Bye Lady Jane’. That’s right this long lost gem has been impossible for fans and collectors to find until now.

This is a special Limited Edition CD packaged in a jewel case with full color 12 page booklet packed with lyrics and memorabilia. It will also feature five additional previously unreleased bonus tracks and limited to only 500 pieces.

Meticulously remastered and expanded, and featuring upgraded artwork and layouts. The sound remastering was completed by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. While the all new updated artwork was updated by Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics

Track Listing: 
1 Real Love 
2 Do You Love Me 
3 Hearts On Fire 
4 When Loneliness Comes Knockin' 
5 Girl Gone Bad 
6 Fill 'er Up 
7 Goodbye Lady Jane 
8 In Blue Again 
9 1000 Reasons 
10 A Hard Day's Night (Beatles Cover) 
11 Do You Believe In Love 
DEMO (Previously Unreleased) 
12 Blue Again (Demo) 
13 Do You Believe In Love (Demo) 
14 Real Love (Demo) 
15 Believed In You (Demo) 
16 Lonely (Demo)

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