LOVE N REVENGE - KARMA (CD, 2017, Kivel Records)

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Jewel case release

Not a specifically Christian release - Amazing mainstream hair metal album!

LOVE n REVENGE features the talents of vocalist Damon Kelly, which was previously the driving force behind US hard rockers ROCKARMA. Together with guitar wiz John Lisi and mastermind Vic Rivera of ADRIAN GALE fame on drums and the production helm the trio offers a superb slice of classic US melodic (hard) rock. Overall it's an album that is chock full of fun with the top down arena rock, while also offering inspiring tunes to help you attack those life goals. Mastered by Harry Hess (HAREM SCAREM) it's tailor made for fans of HOUSE OF LORDS, TRIXTER, ADRIANGALE, FIREHOUSE and early HAREM SCAREM and surely worth having for every melodic rock lover.

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