MAINLINE RIDERS - WORLDSHAKER (2009, Retroactive) for fans of AC/DC!

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Main Line Riders return with their second full length recording since their debut in 2007. This time around the band returns with a new attitude, a new vocalist and a new sound. With the opening notes of "It all Ends Tonight" I thought to myself that Bon Scott surely must have been resurrected and is now singing for Cliffy and his Main Line Riders. Indeed, "Worldshaker" is an album that is heavily influenced by Bon-era AC/DC. The first three cuts, along with "Rhythm-N-Blues" could easily have been some lost AC/DC tracks. Some may frown upon this approach, as something uncreative. I disagree and quite enjoy this album. If a thrash band plays thrash metal, no one points a finger and states that the band is uncreative because they are playing a style of metal that has been around for decades. Likewise, the AC/DC inspired sound has been around for decades as well. Bands like Airbourne, Rhino Bucket and Broken Teeth, among others, have lingered in this sound with varying degrees of success. Bands like Krokus, Dirty Looks, Twisted Sister and even Def Leppard have taken heavy inspiration from Angus and Company. Guitarist and chief songwriter, Cliffy has stated in an interview that this approach was indeed intentional. Cliffy stated. "If Bon Scott rose from the dead, got saved and joined our band, what would the lyrics and melodies he'd write for us be?" With that in mind, Cliffy achieved exactly what he was trying to do.

This is not to say that the entire album sounds like AC/DC. Several songs take a different approach. The ballad "Comin' Home" has a sleaze metal vibe not unlike something you would expect from Faster Pussycat or early Britny Fox. "Chrome & Steel" also veers from the AC/DC sound with a more modern groove. Two songs from the debut are re-recorded and included here as well. The first "Throwin' Bones to the Wolves" I didn't even recognize right away as it falls into that same AC/DC groove as the opening track. The other "We Are the Ready Ones" I recognized right away. This is a very catchy song and one that I think could have some radio potential with the right push. "Worldshaker" will appeal to those who enjoy solid, AC/DC inspired hard rock with a positive lyrical approach.

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