Mark Heard - Stop the Dominoes (Vinyl)

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  • 1982 Alternative Rock / Folk Rock
  • Original inner Lyric Sleeve

This record has been professionally cleaned and been placed in a premium rice paper anti static master inner sleeve that is thicker than standard record sleeves. The jacket and record have been placed in a 3 Mil polyethylene sleeve and is thicker than standard record covers providing the durability and protective longevity.

Mark Heard is a wonderful musician and song writer. He is passionate about his songs having a purpose, and that is to bring attention to those in need in the very sight of our Christian faith and yet does it without shoving it in your face. This is one of his earlier album and has a very Pop oriented sound along with some acoustical aspects. We lost Mark way too early in 1992 to a genetic heart condition but his music lives on. I encourage you to at least take a listen.

  1. One Of The Dominoes 4:23
  2. Stranded At The Station 3:30
  3. You Could Lie To Me 4:02
  4. One Night Stand 2:52
  5. I'm Crying Again 3:29
  6. Stuck In The Middle 4:39
  7. Call Me The Fool 3:11
  8. I'm In Chains 3:25
  9. Lonely One 4:35
  10. To See Your Face 3:31

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