MAXX EXPLOSIONS - DIRTY ANGELS (Kivel Records) mainstream metal

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We are great friends with the Adriangale label, Kivel Records and this is a great mainstream melodic metal album!

Guitar fans rejoice!! Fans of Tooth and Nail era Dokken meets House of Lords in a back alley way = Maxx Explosion is here! Maxx Explosion featuring Members House of Lords : Jimi Bell - Guitars, BJ Zampa - Drums and Chris McCarvil - Bass/ Lead Vocals! This Terror Trio's debut album was produced by Chris McCarvil and Don Dokken. The band's second release, Dirty Angels, is a must have album for any fan of fast paced intense guitar driven Rock with bite!! Its edgy and in your face. For fans of Dokken, House of Lords and Whitesnake this is an essential addition to any music fan's collection.

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