Michael Knott - Life Of David (CD)

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  • 2001 Metro One Recordings 
  • MOD8195

In 2001, singer/songwriter Michael Knott released his solo album, Life of David. An artist who believes that "most bands are solo artists in a sense," Knott spent a large part of his career in various bands, including Aunt Betty's and Cush. With this release, he ventures alone into what he considers the most telling record he's ever done. Combining the styles of rock, American folk, and British pop, Knott offers throaty vocals that in and of themselves communicate passion and heartfelt sincerity. At times the music verges on gritty and raw, however, it is never lacking in honesty and artistic design. Based on Knott's own experiences, as well as the life of the biblical King David, songs include "Cast Me Away" and "Chameleon."

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