MXPX - Let It Happen Deluxe Edition (CD)

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  • 2006 Tooth & Nail Records 
  • 2 Discs


The rarities compilation Let It Happen gathers together a bunch of MxPx demos, B-sides, alternative versions, and spare tracks into one tidy little package. Since most of these are from the early days of the trio's career, the record is pretty raw sounding, taking listeners right back into the dirty garages the band initially cut its teeth in. And though the unpolished production leaves some songs to blend right into one another, this is hardly a point of contention since the resulting music is pure and desperate, embracing that sense of urgency young bands always seem to possess (or at least should). Like many roundup releases of this nature, Let It Happen can be hit or miss at points, but at 32 tracks, there are enough true gems in here -- the cover of Social D's "Sick Boy," "GSF," "Let It Happen," "Honest Answers," "Life in General," etc., pick your favorite -- to make up for any of the sporadic letdowns. Capturing two faces of MxPx -- catchy pop-punk numbers along with more revved-up hardcore-leaning blasts -- this is well worth the purchase for any fan.

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