NEON CROSS - S/T (2001, Magdalene) + Demo

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Millenium Eight Records reissues the self titled full length debut from Christian theme American Heavy Metal band Neon Cross on CD along with 6 bonus tracks including songs from the 1987 demo FRONTLINE LIFE. Track listing is 1. Heartbreaker 03:45 2. Frontline Life 03:31 3. We Are The Children (of Our Lord) 04:40 4. On the Rock 02:41 5. I'm Not Alone 05:57 6. Right Time 04:09 7. Run Into the Light 04:30 8. Far Cry (From Eden) 04:33 9. Outta The Way 03:50 10. Victory 04:04 11. I Need Your Love (Demo) 03:06 12. Son Of God (Demo) 04:21 13. Frontline Life (Demo) 04:23 14. We Are The Children (Of Our Lord) (Demo) 04:55 15. Far Cry (From Eden) (Demo) 04:24 16. Victory (Demo) 04:18


Way back when I was newly converted metal head, Neon Cross was one of the 1st tapes I bought to build a budding Christian music collection. The first time I heard them was on California Metal, then I got their full length album. I had it on vinyl for years, (to preserve my vinyl) and finally getting the CD of it. The sound was typical of many LA bands during the 80's, and it was the Christian lyrics that made them stand out a bit. Not that I'm complaining. While most of the early Christian metal bands of the late 80's era were cheezy, this was not one of them.

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