Petra - Come and Join Us (CD)

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  • 1977 Word Records

Petra's sophomore album, originally released in 1977 on Myrrh, a division of Word, Inc., on LP, 8-track and cassette. When parent label Word struck a distribution deal with A&M Records in 1985 the album was reissued for the mainstream market on LP and cassette. Only in 1995 was it released on CD, in the Christian market by Word and in the mainstream market by Epic (also on cassette). The original LP track order was dropped in favour of the original 8-track / cassette track order on all CD releases.

The band originally wanted to title the album God Gave Rock And Roll To You, but this was deemed too controversial by the record company, and the album was given the non-controversial title Come And Join Us. The band recorded a song called Killing My Old Man for this album, but record company officials (including Paul Baker) were of the opinion that the Christian metaphor would be misunderstood, and chose to play it safe. This version of the song has never been released. It is present on the original test pressing, and is presumed lost (no master tapes are left). In 1981 the song was re-recorded for Never Say Die.

The biggest rock back in the world, KISS went on to record GOD GAVE ROCK AND ROLL TO YOU but the song was originally written by the band Argent

God Gave Rock And Roll To You 5:37
Holy Ghost Power 2:27
Woman Don't You Know 3:41
Sally 4:26
Come And Join Us 4:39
Where Can I Go 3:52
Without You 4:27
Ask Him In 3:31
God Gave Rock And Roll To You (Reprise) 2:50

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