Petra - God Fixation (CD)

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  • 1998 Word

Grammy award-winning Christian rockers Petra produce another high-energy album full of devout lyrics and uncompromising, metal-influenced music. Through its 25-year existence, the band has undergone numerous changes in personnel and musical style; with GOD FIXATION, it has hit upon a winning combination, with hard-edged yet melodic and catchy arrangements and steadfastly Christian themes. "If I Had to Die for Someone," with its radio-ready sound and pious sensibility (addressing Jesus directly, the song asserts, "I am glad that You are not like me/'Cause you laid down Your life and did it willingly/It still amazes me to know/It's me that You were thinking of"), epitomizes Petra's winning formula.

1 If I Had To Die For Someone
2 Hello Again
3 A Matter Of Time
4 Falling Up
5 Over The Horizon
6 God Fixation
7 Set For Life
8 Magnet Of The World
9 Shadow Of A Doubt
10 St. Augustine's Pears
11 The Invitation

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