Petra - Power Praise (CD) 10 Rocking Praise Songs

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  • 1993 Star Song

Whether or not Petra had anything to do with this compilation of praise and worship songs, you cannot take away from the excellence of the music. From the very beginning of "Ancient of Days" to the conclusion of "Creed," this album is a nonstop worship machine. For people like myself who can't afford to run out and buy every album by a certain group, this and many other compilations are wonderful to own. They give you a solid amount of good music by a group without having to shell out too much green.

My personal favorites on this album include "Lord, I Lift Your Name On High" and "The Holiest Name." Granted, the bulk of this album is compiled by Petra's two praise projects, but it is a nice mixture of both albums as well as a few songs from other albums. I especially enjoy the fact that with this album I can bring it on the road with me and only keep track of one disc instead of three or four.

This is a wonderful album that I'd add to any Petra fan's collection. Highly recommended. It's one of the best praise and worship discs out there.

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