Phil Keaggy - Cinemascapes (CD)

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This Phil Keaggy cd is one of my favorite albums for ambient music as it is mellow, yet diverse. Cinemascapes provides a pleasant atmosphere, without being too obtrusive while listening through headphones or through speakers. I played it often while studying and writing papers in college. The tunes are interesting, and interspersed with a variety of sound effects and instrumentation; i.e. waves, chimes, shaker, synthesizer trumpet. Phil Keaggy's guitar is beautiful--dazzling at times, and soothing in others. The album is reliant on synthesizers, and instrumental purists--who only enjoy "real" instruments, might be disappointed. I remember having a little of this reaction at first. Through further listenings, however, I came to appreciate Keaggy's compositional skill and virtuosity.

1 Sketchings
2 The Road Home
3 The Baltic
4 Big Ben On The Nile
5 Recollections
6 Paintin' The Town
7 A Mother's Son
8 Grand Old Man
9 Lighthouse
10 Acadania
11 For The Love
12 Markings
13 The Dawn Is Near
14 The Tigris
15 Spring
16 A Promise Kept

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