Puller - Whats Mine At Twilight (CD)

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  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2001 Tooth & Nail Records
  • TND1186

Puller is the combined efforts of vocalist and guitarist Michael Lewis and drummer Geoff Riley. Musically, What's Mine at Twilight has a few noteworthy spots. The drum groove on "Man on the Moon" is interesting. The vocal harmonies on "First to Have" and "Give Me a Ride" are tight and palatable. "Good Song" proves to be a modern rock pleaser. Driving guitars push the chorus into overdrive while standard "boy meets girl" lyrics abound. The biggest problem facing the band is the lack of hooky, memorable melodies. The release has a sameness about it without offering any cuts that really stand out on their own. Puller doesn't seem to have the emotional potency as they did on their first release, Closer Then You Think. Without the same intensity, What's Mine at Twilight never seems to get off the ground.

1 Hold On To Me
2 Man On The Move
3 She's The Girl
4 Give Me A Ride
5 First To Have
6 These Days
7 Heat Of The Moment
8 Two Can Play That Game
9 Good Song
10 If She's The One

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