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Roxx Records is very excited to announce to you our latest, brand new release all the way from Switzerland, please help us in welcoming hard rockers RAINFORCE to the Roxx Records family.

RAINFORCE is a brand new hard rock project founded by guitarist and songwriter Andy La Morte (formerly involved in bands like Pylon, Disobedience & Thankful Heart) in conspiracy with his brother in crime, Matt Brand, the mastermind of Swiss doomsters Pylon himself, as the bass player and co-producer. They are joined by South Germany?s finest drummer, Benjamin Mann ( Power of God). Although he is an absolute prog metal freak, he crossed the river Rhine to get this Swiss engine running. The lead vocals are handled by Maltese singer Jordan Cutajar ( Nomad Son & others, including a stint in Pylon) whose voice is as unique as it is variable, which makes him the perfect singer for RAINFORCE.

These four guys are joined by some friends and companions. The debut album is set to feature quite the entourage of musical guests, including Whitecross guitarist Rex Carroll, Barren Cross bassist Jim La Verde, X-Sinner and GX Project singer Rex Scott and Canadian singer Kevin Wright formerly of Jacob?s Dream.

Check out the first single ?Feed Me (I?m Hungry)? streaming over at the Roxx Records official Reverbnation page now.


Also the band has donated the ballad ?Shine a Light? to be featured on the new Metal Pulse: A Tribute to Dale Huffman release coming out this March, as Dale was a big fan of Pylon and was looking forward to this release.

Be ready to expect some true hard?n?heavy tracks this spring, both musically and lyrically!


01. Lion?s Den (with Philipp R?ÌÎ_?lli)

02. My Rock (with Rex D. Scott)

03. Feed Me (I?m Hungry)

04. I Am Yours (with Rex Carroll)

05. Speechless (with Philipp R?ÌÎ_?lli)

06. New Jerusalem (with H?ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ__mu Pl?ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ__ss)

07. Desert Sand (with Jim LaVerde)

08. The Gods Have Failed (with Philippe ?The Greis? Kreis)

09. He Came To Set The Captives Free (with Oliver Schneider & Philipp R?ÌÎ_?lli)

10. Shine A Light (with Kevin Wright & Philipp R?ÌÎ_?lli)

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