REINXEED - HIGHER (*NEW-CD, 2009, Rivel Records)

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REINXEED - HIGHER (*NEW-CD, 2009, Rivel Records)


Upon hearing The Light (2008), ReinXeed got my vote for Newcomer of the Year. Having purchased Higher (2009), I was skeptical the band could better their first album. Boy was I wrong!!! Somehow Tommy Johansson manages to exceed it!!! Of all the albums I bought or heard in 2009 this is by far the best and gets my vote for Album of the Year!!!!! ReinXeed is a power metal band, but what makes them stand out is Tommy's symphonic elements. No doubt he's been studying classical composition. Sometimes you feel like you're in a Lord Of The Rings soundtrack ("Heaven", "Dragonfly"). My favorite song is "Star Shine". It's such a majestic song. This is one of few albums which is awesome from start to finish! Tommy has an awesome voice with operatic quality and an amazing falsetto. The guitar work here is amazing, complete with shredding scales and sweeps, major scales as well as minor, previously noted orchestral parts sprinkled throughout, and awesome keyboard parts. In closing, Higher is positively breathtaking and will definitely take you "Higher"!!! Buy it now!!!


Haunted Mansion 5:13

Star Shine 4:24

Magic Still Remains 3:30

Dragonfly 4:57

Higher 5:42

Always Be There 4:02

Reality 5:07

Light Of The World 4:31

Fantasia 4:19

Heaven 9:02

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