REINXEED - THE LIGHT (*NEW-CD, 2008, Rivel Records)

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REINXEED - THE LIGHT (*NEW-CD, 2008, Rivel Records)


This is ReinXeed's first album but you'd never know it. The musical maturity sounds like a third or fourth album. Contrary to the first reviewer, it was NOT a one man band. I just bought the CD, after having bought the MP3s, which is from 2008 and there are 4 band members in the CD insert. The album is best described as a European symphonic metal band. It's power metal at its base but there is a keyboard used which adds a lot of other instruments: violins, brass, etc. Also, ReinXeed uses extensive background vocals AND the main vocals are also provided by the band's lead guitarist and founder, Tommy Johannson, whose voice is smooth and melodic. He's not one of these death metal singers, growlers, screamers, etc. I wish more metal bands would get away from that stuff because it's unnecessary for having a great metal band. The two best songs on the album are Northern Sky and Kingdom Fall. Northern Sky is probably ReinXeed's best song of all time. These two songs have a driving quality: as you listen to them, you feel pushed to the edge of your seat like you're watching the end of a thriller.

What I would recommend to anyone interested in the album is to purchase these two songs as MP3s. If you like them, you'll like the rest of the album. Also, this album is very, very similar to ReinXeed's second album "Higher" so if you like "The Light" you'll love "Higher."


1 The Light 5:17

2 Legace 4:28

3 Great Hall Of Reinxeed 4:54

4 Magic Night 5:40

5 Eternity 4:36

6 Shyrheny 6:18

7 Northern Sky 4:51

8 Kingdom Fall 4:22

9 End Of This Journey 10:15

10 Heavenly Fire 2:55

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