RESURRECTION BAND - DMZ (25th Anniversary Edition CD) Grrr 2006

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  • Label: Retroactive Records
  • Product ID: RR1418
  • Format: CD, 4 panel digipak
  • Barcode: 651402978932
  • Release Date: July 11th, 2017

Originally released in 1982 on Light Records, D.M.Z. offers some of Resurrection Bands most powerful musical testaments. Military Man is a blistering opening track sung by Glenn about the loss of a soldier?s humanity in the struggle to survive. White Noise features Wendys all-time best raw vocal on a song about the rhetoric of a culture that prioritizes stockpiling arms over feeding children. It begins with a 90 second feedback-drenched guitar solo by Stu Heiss that is Resurrection Bands answer to Van Halens Eruption and is generally considered to constitute the single greatest non-Phil Keaggy guitar moment in Christian rock. Area 312 is another classic, which is a teenagers lament about the loneliness of the inner city. 

This 2017 4 panel digipak reissue is limited to 500 copies and features the same remaster that was used on the 2005 Retroactive Records jewel case reissue. This reissued used the original 1982 vinyl record gatefold release to reproduce the artwork and celebrates this album?s 35 year impact on lives for Jesus!, The Originals: Volume 3. Colours and Mommy Don?t Love Daddy are The Originals Volume 1 and 2.


1 Military Man 3:39

2 Reluctance 2:14

3 Babylon 2:36

4 I Need Your Love 3:24

5 Area 312 3:56

6 No Alibi 4:39

7 White Noise 3:41

8 Lonely Hearts 3:00

9 The Prisoner 2:54

10 So In Love With You 3:38


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