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Originally released in 1982 on Light Records, D.M.Z. offers some of Resurrection Bands most powerful musical testaments. Military Man is a blistering opening track sung by Glenn about the loss of a soldier?s humanity in the struggle to survive. White Noise features Wendys all-time best raw vocal on a song about the rhetoric of a culture that prioritizes stockpiling arms over feeding children. It begins with a 90 second feedback-drenched guitar solo by Stu Heiss that is Resurrection Bands answer to Van Halens Eruption and is generally considered to constitute the single greatest non-Phil Keaggy guitar moment in Christian rock. Area 312?is another classic, which is a teenager?s lament about the loneliness of the inner city. 


1 Military Man 3:39

2 Reluctance 2:14

3 Babylon 2:36

4 I Need Your Love 3:24

5 Area 312 3:56

6 No Alibi 4:39

7 White Noise 3:41

8 Lonely Hearts 3:00

9 The Prisoner 2:54

10 So In Love With You 3:38

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