Retroactive Records CD Sampler - Headbangin? 101, Volume 3 (17 Tracks)

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Various Artists: Headbangin? 101, Volume 3 (Retroactive Records)

Artist: Various

Title: Headbangin? 101, Vol 3

Label: Retroactive Records

Product ID: RR1424

Format: CD, 2 panel color cardboard pocket sleeve

Barcode: 651402979007

A Retroactive Hard Rock and Metal Sampler

Premonition of Doom by David Benson from Premonition of Doom 5:32

Love To Hate by The World Will Burn (featuring Dale Thompson) from RuiNation 4:01

Sting of Her Kiss by Liberty N? Justice from The Vow 3:44

Fire & Love by Guardian from Fire & Love (Legends Remastered) CD & Vinyl 3:21

Do Not Be Deceived by Minier from Minier 1990 + Minier 2017 + Demo (Retroarchives Edition) 3:36

Haven by Haven from III (Retroarchives Edition) 6:45

Lookin? For A Reason by Whitecross from Nineteen Eighty Seven (Gold Edition) 3:36

Divine Takeover by Seventh Angel from Demo Collection (Bombworks Records) 3:42

When In Rome by Adriangale (feat Jamie Rowe) from Crunch (Kivel Records) 4:00

Knowing You by Gideon?s Army from Grace (Legends Remastered) 3:49

The 7th Trumpet by Saint from The Revelation 4:06

All the Kids Are Gone by Bride from Incorruptible 4:50

Welcome to My World by Jacob?s Dream from Beneath the Shadows 3:36

Naked by Broken Silence from Discerning the Times 5:05

Behold A Pale Horse by Saviour Machine from Rarities/Revelations IV (live) 6:47

Barabbas by Stronghold from Fortress Rock (Legends Remastered) 5:05

Empty Desire by Rivera Bomma from Infinite Journey Of Soul 5:40

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