MESSIAH PROPHET - ROCK THE FLOCK (Vinyl) Original Pressing

Sold out
  • 1984 Morada Records
  • Ring wear on the jacket
  • Record in VG++

Messiah Prophet Band was one of those rare enigmas that came out of the 80s Christian metal scene. Thanks in part to an ad that was ran in heaven is Metal promoting two Morada records releases Messiah Profit and  Saint. Both of these bands would go on to sign deals with the great Pure Metal Records. Fronted by Charlie Clark, Messiah Prophet brought us great heavy-metal in a time where there wasn’t much and all us teenage Christians were simply wanting bands that were similar to Motley Crue, or anything from the sunset strip.  Although production wasn’t nearly at the level of some of those sunset strip bands we were happy. Adorned in leather and studs it was exactly what we wanted both musically and visually. I know this sounds a little corny but the facts were simple. We did not have much to choose from  so when bands like messiah prophet dropped an album we were over the moon. 

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