SAINT - WARRIORS OF THE SON (30th Anniversary Edition) (Re-recorded in 2004)

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Label: Retroactive

Style: Heavy Metal

Product ID: RR1403

Barcode: 845121077902

Packaging: 4 panel digipak

Release Date: 2014


The original Saint "Warriors of the Son" EP was recorded in 1984 on an 8-track recorder. Back then there wasn't much Christian metal around, so despite the very thin production, the album saw plenty of spin time on Christian metalhead turntables due to the fact that the songs were still good. However, once the band?s follow-up albums were released, the glaring production issues of "Warriors" became more apparent . In 2004, Saint decided to re-record their debut EP as a sort of celebration of their 20th anniversary as a band. With a new cover of the band, the new & improved recording, and the addition of two songs not previously available, the CD became a necessity for this long time Saint fan. The band stayed true to the original songs for the most part, and vocalist Josh Kramer shows he still had ?it? after all those years. These familiar songs sound great with modern heavy production. The two new tracks, "Reaper" and "Killers and the Destroyers," were written by Lynch/Mahan in the very early 80's, and round out the album quite nicely. This 2014 30th Anniversary Edition 4 panel digipak is a reissue of the 2004 (re-recorded) Warriors of the Son - digitally remastered by J Powell at Steinhaus, and displaying extravagant new artwork provided by FlyJams. You now have a vastly superior version of this classic album, worthy of repeated listens!

Adapted from Scott Waters / NoLifeTilMetal


01 Plan II

02 Legions Of The Dead

03 Abyss

04 Warriors Of The Son

05 Vicars Of Fate

06 Time's Wasting

07 The Killers And The Destroyers

08 The Reaper

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