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Servant's fourth album originally burst onto the scene in 1983, with ten new studio cuts released on the band's own Rooftop Records. With their first three albums delighting headbangers world-wide, CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF LOVING HIM showcased a Spransy-influenced new-wave feel that also embraced the arena rock sound Servant was known for. This new-wave feel would eventually take over the band's 5th and 6th albums (Light Maneuvers & Swimming In a Human Ocean). Undoubtedly, CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF LOVING HIM set new standards for quality Christian rock that could stand up next to the best the mainstream rock world had to offer. Ultimately, blissful power pop made Servant's CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF LOVING HIM one of the defining albums of its era, as well as one of the most influential. Servant proved to be masters at devoting themselves to the power of the hook, as well as sheer volume and gut-wrenching rock roll. Bruce Wright's hook-laden guitar playing was capable of miracles, and you'll find examples of that on virtually every cut. With pop thrills a-plenty, CAUGHT... offers an invigorating blast of feedback, muscular riffs, anthemic hooks, and powerful vocals with keyboards and beat that don't let up. From start to finish, a relentless rocker, a great album that has outlasted its era. Fans can proudly file this release next to The Cars, Cheap Trick, Duran Duran, Petra, and early 77's. Yes, it's THAT good! Songs: BURNING BRIDGES - THANK GOD - FALL OUT - NOW IS THE TIME - HOLDING ON TO YOU HEART TO HEART - GAUGES - SOMETHING RIGHT FOR YOU - TIED DOWN - CAN'T GO BACK

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