SEVENTH POWER - DOMINION & POWER (2008, Retroactive) Final Axe/Stryper

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Las Vegas, Nevada based The Seventh Power's critically acclaimed self titled debut released in 2006, and with the follow up release expect more quasi-doomy brilliance from the Masters of Heavy Metal. With Dominion & Power, fans are once again treated to another colossal collaboration between axe-shredder extraordinaire Bill Menchen (Titanic / Final Axe) and world-class drummer Robert Sweet of Stryper. Menchen exceeds his lofty reputation with addictive riffs throughout; laced with fast, fluid, and emotion-filled guitar solos ala Randy Roades. Efficient and flashy as a guitar virtuoso, not a single note is wasted! Sweet proves that his tribal beats and precision drumming are perfect for the massive heavy riffs shelled forth by The Seventh Power! Filled with monster riff after monster riff, Dominion & Power comes together to create a cohesive slab of dark metal with perfect flow, and an escalating sense of creepiness powered along by Menchen's Ozzy-styled brooding vocals ? both monotonous and hypnotic! Lyrically, the album gallops forth with doom n' gloom, book of Revelation vintage apocalyptic themes countered with both salvation and redemption. Brilliant artwork by Finnish artist Jan Yrlund only rounds out the thick, beefy production and unabashed heaviness unleashed by The Seventh Power. This is New Wave of British Heavy Metal at it's finest. And Dominion & Power proves to be an essential building block in putting together the perfect heavy metal collection. Track Listing: "Dominion & Power" (4:14), "Everlasting Fire" (3:42), "Hailstones" (3:35), "Heavy Laden" (4:03), "King Of All Kings" (4:34), "Raise 'M High" (3:58), "Sacrificial Blood" (3:47), "Sea Of Galilee" (4:34), "The Clouds" (4:12), "Under The Altar" (3:46)

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