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The band was originally called REVELATION and was formed in the fall of 1985 in Kristiansand, NORWAY. One listen and it?s apparent that the band was strongly influenced by such artists as Yngwie Malmsteen, MSG, TNT, and modeled after classic twin guitar bands of the 70s and early 80s like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. After recording two demos between 1987 and 1988, the band was well received in their hometown of Kristiansand and the band did. Receiving local radio play in Oslo resulted in the band getting signed by the local office of the Dutch label CNR. The full length debut CD Messengers of Love was subsequently recorded in July/August of '88 at Loud Level Studios in Hamar, Norway, and due to a name conflict with another band on the label, the band changed its name to SEVENTH SEAL. However, when presented with the finished product, the label gave the band a cold shoulder and never released it. Trying to push on despite the let down by the label, the band stayed active on the live front until the summer of '89, and the studio eventually decided to release the album on its own label, Loud Level Records, but not until 1990 after the band had already disbanded. The record was never properly promoted, and only about 1000 copies were ever released.

Retroactive Records thrives on being able unearth some hidden treasures. Messengers of Love easily qualifies as a Norwegian metal masterpiece. Complete with twin guitar attack, Yngwie-styled guitar solos, and soaring vocals in the vein of Sacred Warrior and Geoff Tate of Queensryche, the remastered reissue of this ultra rare 1990 progressive metal release is sure to please metal fans across the globe.

The Band

Mark Bjorvand-Lead Vocals

Geir T. Ugland-Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass

Geir Knutsen- Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass

Trygve Hansen-Drums

Per Elias Drablos-Bass

Sjur Lundstein-Keyboards

Track Listing

Messengers of Love (5:00),

Fantasy (2:13),

Revelation ? God Has the Power (4:46),

Your Love (6:00), Free (3:22),

Sparkling Diamond (4:21),

The Seventh Seal (1:28),

Visions of Tomorrow (4:22),

Born Again (4:40),

Break Out (4:39),

Eternal Love (3:58),

The Calling (4:41)

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