Showbread - Age of Reptiles (CD)

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  • 2006 Tooth and Nail 
With their explosive live shows and their new CD, it is no wonder why Showbread is quickly becoming one of the premier bands on the ever-growing Tooth and Nail roster. For Showbread's sophomore release, they have practically thrown out their signature "screamo" sound and have, instead, decided to focus their efforts in more of a punk-rock direction. A few fans of their first release ("No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical") may be disappointed with this change. However, with "Age Of Reptiles," Showbread has released a much stronger effort that is sure to garner rave reviews from critics and acquire a new legion of fans for the band.

Primary songwriter and lead singer, Josh Dies, delivers what some may call a "rock opera" with a reptilian theme. Lyrically, he tackles everything from self-worth, love, pain, and faith in God. At other times, his lyrics seem quite eccentric for such a young musician. However, this doesn't hinder the music at all. In fact, it just adds to the mysterious nature of Showbread and keeps the audience guessing as to the true meaning behind the words.

The production values of the recording are quite polished without forfeiting the raw energy that permeates from the band during their live shows. While listening, one can't help but want to throw their fist into the air and pump it with every beat. With "Age of Reptiles," Showbread has definitely released one of the best rock albums of the year. This is what rock and roll is about. This is what rock and roll should be.

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