Stacie Orrico - Stacie Orrico (CD)

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Stacie Orrico re-emerges with an eponymous album. On her second full-length disc to adopt her moniker, Orrico brings an edgier, R&B-soaked groove to the table that's undeniably grown up. Following a gold debut that boasted accolades, the new disc is richer in texture. With production help from veterans like Dallas Austin (Pink, TLC) and Virgin CEO Matt Serletic (Santana, Matchbox Twenty) it's no wonder the release permeates crossover appeal. Tunes like the dancefloor-envious "Stuck" and the moving "I Could Be the One" are evidence of the rise Orrico took since her debut. Vocally the opus stretches her talents by delving into several tempo and mood changes that the 17 year old embraces like a seasoned veteran. While not abandoning the Christian roots of cuts like "There's Gotta Be More to Life," there is evidence of lyrical strength in the midst of diva attitude. Listening to the slower cuts offered up here is sweet reward. Tunes like "I Promise" and "Strong Enough" are different styles that both have Orrico singing like a mixture of Beyoncé and Celine Dion. The astounding thing about the disc is that the grooves drip of dancefloor sweat, maturity, and soulfulness while maintaining integrity and purity from America's newest diva/role mode.

1 Stuck
2 (There's Gotta Be) More To Life
3 Bounce Back
4 I Promise
5 Security
6 Instead
7 Hesitation
8 Strong Enough
9 I Could Be The One
10 Maybe I Won't Look Back
11 Tight
12 That's What Love's About

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