Stryper - Seven (7) The Best Of (CD) Pre-Owned

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  *All Pre-Owned CDs are meticulously inspected and test to insure that they play without skips as well as tray-card and inserts are in"like-new" condition. If they are not, we will mention in here. 
  • Pre-Owned CD
  • 2003 Hollywood Records
  • 2061-62391-2
  • Lead Vocalist of Stryper
  • Includes 2
16 Stryper classics plus 2 new songs. Stryper unique take on hard rock has carved them out a distinct place in the pantheon of metal. 

1. Something (Previously Unreleased)
2. For You (Previously Unreleased)
3. Shining Star
4. Lady
5. All For One
6. In God We Trust
7. Always There For You
8. To Hell With The Devil
9. Calling On You
10. Free
11. Honestly
12. The Way
13. Soldiers Under Command
14. Makes Me Wanna Sing
15. Reach Out
16. From Wrong To Right
17. Loving You
18. Believe

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