Switchfoot - Oh Gravity

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  •  New factory sealed CD
  • 2006 Sony BMG
  • RKCPXX above the barcode

It's Switchfoot back to their roots and even better. You can notice a lot of influence from their early albums but they manage to deliver it with a fresh and very appealing style. This CD may not be perfect but is a joy to listen to from start to end. Some songs are so singing-friendly that are literally hard to get off your head, and it's not like you'd like to. Switchfoot brought a little more sunshine to my life with this magnificent piece of art.

Favorite songs:
-"Oh, Gravity": The perfect starter, energetic and fire-starter, but you're up to a surprise with the rest of the album.
-"Dirty Second Hands": They tried new grounds here and succeeded.
-"Awakening": Catchy rock song, very fun to listen.
-"Faust Midas and Myself": Great message, beautiful music.
-"Head Over Heels": Another catchy rock that grows on you.
-"Let Your Love Be Strong": Absolutely my most favorite. I dunno how many times I've listen this song and always come one more time after it. Jon Foreman shows his great vocal capabilities here and his band back him up in the best of ways.

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