Temple of Blood - Overlord (New-Cd) Thrash Metal

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Released in 2008, OVERLORD is the second full-length album from Temple of Blood. Thi thrash/Power Metal onslaught that is sure to please fans of MEGADETH, JUDAS PRIEST, ANNIHILATOR, TESTAMENT, IRON MAIDEN, HELLSTAR, FORBIDDEN, OVERKILL, CANDLEMASS, SABBATH, DEATH ANGEL AND AGENT STEEL.

The album also includes a cover of "Forbidden Evil."


Jim Mullis Vocals, Guitars
Matt Barnes Guitars, Vocals (backing)
James Lewis Bass
Lance Wright Drums

1. Descent into Treachery 00:42
2. Behind the Inverted Star 03:03
3. Summon the Accused 03:43
4. Fearsome Warrior 03:00
5. Illusion of Control 04:59
6. Black Day of Execution 04:25
7. Pawn of the Liar 03:02
8. Harbinger 03:17
9. Forbidden Evil (Forbidden cover) 05:43
10. Anthem to the Unseen 04:12
11. The Return 03:52

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