Terry Scott Taylor (OF DANIEL AMOS) - A Briefing For The Ascent (Vinyl)

Terry Scott Taylor (OF DANIEL AMOS) - A Briefing For The Ascent (Vinyl)

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  • Alternative
  • 1987 Frontline RecordsåÊ
  • For fans of: Daniel Amos

From Terry Scott Taylor of Daniel Amos.

Side One:
(Part One: "the Briefing")
("Once upon a time, at the edge of the wildwood... Mr. Borthwick enters the gallery")
1.åÊA Briefing For The AscentåÊ(Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Flesch)
2.åÊSomewhere To ElsewhereåÊ(Instrumental) (Flesch)
(Part Two: "the Preparation")
("Mr. Borthwick loses a friend")
3.åÊBeyond The Wall Of SleepåÊ(Taylor)
("Discovery of the Gallery's location: (not of but in the world)"
4.åÊThe Wood Between The WorldsåÊ(Taylor)

Side Two:
("His views are the portrait of his Beloved...")
1.åÊMy Love, My LoveåÊ(Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Flesch)
(Part Three: "the Battle")
2.åÊWars of the HeartåÊ(Instrumental) (Taylor/Flesch)
("He laments the restless spirit")
3.åÊCapture MeåÊ(Taylor)
("The heart's desire")
4.åÊWhere Dreams Come TrueåÊ(Taylor)
5.åÊLong, Long, LongåÊ(George Harrison)
(Part Four: "the Ascent")
("All that has gone before" "Borthwick's prayer")
(Spoken Word and Instrumental)
("Leaving the gallery, entering the wood / The Ascent")
6.åÊGoing HomeåÊ(Music by A. Dvorak, Public Domain, Arranged and adapted by Greg Flesch and Terry Taylor)