The Waymaker (Vinyl) by Christian Liljegren Narnia

  • Vinyl Records
  • 2020 Melodic Pass 

Christian Liljegren is lead vocalist, and primary lyricist, for the Swedish Christian melodic power metal band, Narnia.

Christian & Jani marked a new wave of Scandinavian metal in early 2000's with their 5 albums as Divinefire and created a new type of melodic metal with such power, speed, energy and passion.  

Liljegren is also the frontman of the metal bands Audiovision, Flagship, and Wisdom Call. He is also the owner of the Liljegren Records label which features bands such as Divinefire, Crimson Moonlight, Sanctifica, Grimmark, Harmony, Veni Domine, and Majestic Vanguard. 


1 The Waymaker
2 Kingdom of Heaven
3 Soldiers Under Command (Stryper Cover)
4 Marching on
5 The Name Above All Names
6 The Rain of Your Love
7 I Am Sustained
8 See the New Generation

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