Today Forever - The New Pathetic  (CD)

Today Forever - The New Pathetic (CD)

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For fans of: Comeback Kid, Figure Four, Give Up the Ghost, Sinai Beach, Stretch Armstrong, Zao, Symphony in Peril, A Love for Enemies, Walls of Jericho, Silverstein and Modern Life

  • Audio CDåÊ(August 22, 2006)
  • Number of Discs:åÊ1
  • Label:åÊStrike First Records
  • ASIN:åÊB000GW8PU4

TODAY FOREVER delivers a sound that cannot be compared to many, taking elements from different eras of hard music and making it their own is something TODAY FOREVER has accomplished, and they have done so well. Rarely does a debut full length come along that is a dynamic and attention-grabbing masterpiece.

What many bands strive to become, Today Forever have already achieved. This 5 piece takes everything that is good in music today and blends it perfectly into a record that grows and breathes with every listen. They dont copy anything, they dont revive spectres of the past, they dont long for the good old days. They are totally and utterly themselves. They breathe an unmistakable passion into their songs, by transfiguring melody with rhythm, and combining their lyrics with a distinctive and credible musical heaviness.