TORN FLESH - CRUX OF THE MOSH (*Christian Punk Rock) 2019 GIRDER


Torn Flesh were an 80s "Christian metal" band from Chesapeake, Ohio. Their first release, 1988's Love Kills featured songs such as "No Surfin' in Hell", "Sowing Machine", "GODog" and "Where Worms Never Die". In the same year this demo was abridged into four songs and an interview at the end and released as the Thrashin' EP. In 1989 Torn Flesh made their second and final album, Crux of the Mosh. 

This Legends of Rock Deluxe CD contains all the original songs from CRUX as well as 

Hollywood Heaven
Living Active
Eat And Run
Dead To The World
You Are Not Alone
How Do You Feel
No Surfin' In Hell
Sowing Machin
If I Could Just Say No
New Volume Zone
Where Worms Never Die
The Hammer (Prelude)
Love Kills

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