Training for Utopia - Technical Difficulties

Training for Utopia - Technical Difficulties

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2004 Solid State Records
For fans of:Metalcore, Demon Hunter, Mathcore, Focalpoint

Greatest Hit album from Hardcore band featuing Demon Hunter frontman Ryan Clark. 1. Modus Operandi 2. Dead Signal 3. Good Feeling, A 4. Tennessee Midget 5. Two Hands 6. Gift to a Dying Friend, A 7. Falling Cycle, The 8. Everything, Including the Stars, Is Falling (Baby) 9. New York City Is Overrated 10. Burning (Match in Hand) 11. 50,000 Screaming Tfu Fans Can't Be Wrong 12. Police John, Police Red 13. Human Shield 14. Thoughtless Reminders 15. Brother Hezakiah 16. Burt Reynolds vs. Godzilla 17. Single Handed Attempt at Revolution 18. Pretty Pictures of Lies 19. One Zero One - (Alternate Recording)