Whiteheart - Heart of Gold (6 CD Box Set) w/6 LTD Collector Cards, 6 Photo Prints + Bonus CD, Limited to 300

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  • 6 Iconic Award Winning Albums from Whiteheart in collector box!
  • Limited to Only 300 Boxes!!!!
  • Jewel Case CDs w/ 6 Legacy Series™ Ltd Collector Cards 
  • 6 stunning 4.75"x5.5" Photo Prints of band members (courtesy of Ron Roxtar) printed on 80# silk cover stock.
  • Never-before-released bonus CD From the Vault - an exclusive collection includes rare non-studio album tracks.
  • Release Date June 30, 2023
  • Officially Licensed Reissues
  • UPC: 765105159342
  • 2023 Girder Records, GR1168


This is the ultimate Whiteheart collection. - Heart of Gold, is a 6 CD Box Set that will take you on a musical journey through the band's most iconic albums.

Featuring six CDs of Whiteheart's most beloved albums, including "Don't Wait for the Movie," "Emergency Broadcast," "Freedom," "Power House," "Tales of Wonder," and "Highlands," this box set is a must-have for any fan of the band. Each CD was given the Girder treatment. All in jewel cases with lyrics and photos and of course, high resonance audiophile clarity like you've never heard. 

Heart of Gold box set also includes six (6) Legacy Series™ LTD Collector Cards, each featuring album artwork and photos of the band, as well as six (6) stunning 4.75"x5.5" Photo Prints (courtesy of Ron Roxtar) of band members printed on 80# silk cover stock.

As an added bonus, the box set also includes a never-before-released Bonus CD From the Vault - an exclusive collection includes 10 rare non-studio album tracks that will delight and surprise Whiteheart fans.

With Heart of Gold, you'll experience Whiteheart's incredible journey from their early days in the 1980s to their 1993 album. This box set is the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest Christian rock bands of all time, and it's a must-have for any serious music lover or collector.

So don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a piece of Whiteheart history. The box set will be $89 and will come with all the goodies shown in the photos.

  1. Don't Wait for the Movie GR1150 (1986) 8 Page Booklet, Jewel Case w/Ltd Collector Card Legacy Series™ #11
  1. Emergency Broadcast GR1165 (1987) 8 Page Booklet, Jewel Case w/Ltd Collector Card Legacy Series™ #12
  2. Freedom GR1151 (1989) 8 Page Booklet, Jewel Case w/Ltd Collector Card Legacy Series™ #13
  3. Power House GR1152(1990) 12 Page Booklet, Jewel Case w/Ltd Collector Card Legacy Series™ #25
  4. Tales of Wonder GR1166 (1992) 8 Page Booklet, Jewel Case w/Ltd Collector Card Legacy Series™ #26
  5. Highlands GR1167 (1993) 8 Page Booklet, Jewel Case w/Ltd Collector Card Legacy Series™ #27
  6. From the Vault GR1168 (Exclusive Collection of 10 Rare Non-Studio Album Tracks)


Keep scrolling to see individual albums, descriptions and track listings including THE VAULT



WHITE HEART • Don’t Wait For the Movie

White Heart’s Don’t Wait for the Movie was released in 1986. It was the band’s first album with vocalist Rick Florian and  their first album on Sparrow Records. Radio singles “How Many Times (Seventy Times Seven)” and “Fly Eagle Fly” both topped the Christian radio charts while “Beat of a Different Drum” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Christian” were hits on Christian Rock radio. CCM magazine placed this album at #74 in their 100 greatest albums in Christian music. Don’t Wait for the Movie peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Top Inspirational Albums chart. White Heart was also nominated for Group of the Year at the 18th GMA Dove Awards.

1. Read The Book (Don’t Wait For The Movie)  4:51     
2. Holy Ground  4:42
3. THE Beat Of A Different Drum  4:17
4. Fly Eagle Fly  4:49
5. Convertibles  3:43
6. Let The Children Play  1:31
7. King George  4:14
8. No Apology  4:19
9. Maybe Today  4:21
10. Dr. JekylL And Mr. Christian  4:35
11. How Many Times (Seventy Times Seven) 4:25


Emergency broadcast is the band’s fifth album, which was released on sparrow records in 1987. It is the first album with new bass guitarist tommy sims, who co-wrote two of the album’s songs. Three songs were Christian radio hits: “Montana Sky,” “Edge of the Dream,” and “Somewhere in Between.” 
Another highlight is the rhythmic “no taboo,” which is their only song where four of the band members sing lead vocals. The album peaked at number 6 on billboard magazine’s top inspirational albums chart.

1  Urban Renewal 4:04
2  Key To Our Survival 4:08
3  No Taboo  4:50
4  Montana Sky 4:58
5  Fashion Fades 4:21
6  More Sold Out 4:45
7  Somewhere In Between 4:07
8  Speed Of Sound 3:05
9  Lone Ranger 4:10
10  Edge Of The Dream 4:34 



Freedom is the sixth album by White Heart and was Produced by Brown Bannister. It Was Also their last album with Sparrow Records. Bannister is best known for producing Amy Grant’s albums. He Gave the BAND the chance to stretch musically and lyrically. As a result, Freedom is considered by fans and 

Critics alike as one of White Heart’s best albums. Both Christian rock and Christian radio gave airplay to songs like “over me,” “invitation,” “the river will flow,” “let the kingdom come,” and “eighth wonder.” Freedom peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Top Inspirational Albums chart.

1.  Bye Bye Babylon  4:07
2.  Sing Your Freedom  4:59
3.  Let The Kingdom Come  5:04
4.  Over Me  5:19
5.  Eighth Wonder  4:25
6.  Power Tools  4:20
7.  Invitation 4:53
8.  The River Will Flow  6:55
9.  Set The Bridge On Fire  4:13
10.  Let It Go  4:15
11.  I’ll Meet You There  4:22



Power house is the seventh album by the Christian rock icons White Heart, released in late 1990. White Heart continued their Big, Hook-Laden, arena rock sound from their previous album Freedom. Four singles were released FROM the album, all of which became hits. The title song and “Independence Day” WERE hits on Christian Rock radio while the ballads “Desert Rose” and “Lay It Down” were hits on Christian CCM radio. Power House peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. 

1.  Independence Day 5:39
2. Powerhouse 4:32
3. Desert Rose 4:43
4. Lovers And Dreamers 4:37
5. Nailed Down 5:11
6. Messiah 5:21
7. A Love Calling 6:25
8. Answer The Call 4:46
9. Storyline 4:23
10. Lay It Down 4:59



Tales of wonder, released in 1992, is white heart’s eighth album and their second album on star song records. The band released all 10 songs as singles, except the bonus track preview of “Morningstar,” which appeared later in a full-length version on their 1994 compilation nothing but the best: radio classics. Two songs charted at #1 (“say the word” & “silhouette”), and the album reached #2 on billboard’s top Christian albums chart. The album earned them their second nomination for a Grammy award for best rock gospel album, after their debut album was nominated in 1984.

1. Raging Of The Moon 5:15
2. His Heart Was Always In It 4:12
3. Unchain 4:56
4. Say The Word 3:55
5. Who Owns You 4:42
6. Where The Thunder Roars 4:57
7. Silhouette 4:38
8. Vendetta 3:53
9. Gabriela 4:38
10. Light A Candle 6:02
11. Morningstar 1:45



The band’s ninth album highlands was released in 1993 on star song records on the heels of two chart topping albums:  powerhouse & tales of wonder. It features three #1 Christian radio hits: “once and for all,” “the flame passes on,” & “heaven in my heart,” which had an official music video made.  The album peaked at number 4 on billboard magazine’s top contemporary Christian albums chart. 

1. You Can See The World 4:23
2. Nothing But The Best 3:45
3. Heaven Of My Heart 6:13
4. Once And For All 5:06
5. Excuse Me, Forgive Me 4:22
6.  Change The Way 4:52
7. Highland Of Love 5:05
8. The Cry 5:32
9. Let My People Go 5:26
10. The Flame Passes On 4:10


1.  Even the Hardest Heart (ROCK Version)  (3:59)
2.  Morningstar (RADIO CLASSICS)  (4:19)
3.  My Eyes Have Seen (4:16)
4.  Letter Of Love (3:53)
5.  Climb The Hill (5:00)
6.  Light a Candle (Radio Edit)  (5:11)
7.  Little Drummer Boy (4:20)
8.  Story behind “Light A Candle” (from Tales of Wonder) (0:56)
9.   Story behind “Gabriela” (from Tales of Wonder) (1:21)
10. Tales Of Wonder Radio Promo Spot (1:07)


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