Slick Shoes - SlickShoes (CD)

  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2003 Tooth and Nail
  • Cut out

Slick Shoes' sophomore effort is guitar-driven punk-pop, pure and simple. Relying on breakneck chord changes and a throbbing double-time backbeat on each cut, this quartet's clever use of major chords and minor-key melodies echoes the best work of Sugar, the Pixies, and the Breeders. From a devil-may-care paean to teenage unrest ("Friday Night") to outbursts of self-doubt ("My Ignorance)" to the stark realization of first love ("So Much More)," Slick Shoes play hard, fast, and straight from the gut. Quoting Brian Wilson's most infamous lyric over and over again on "1 A.M.," singer Ryan Kepke's heart-wrenching wail weaves in and out of guitarist Greg Togawa's staccato riffing with reflection and regret. And it's all accomplished without the benefit of guitar solos, overdubs, or studio tricks.

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