"All companies should put the care and effort into their vinyl rereleases that you guys do. They are my favorite vinyls of all-time." - Eric Foster


Thank you for what you do! I appreciate all the work you have done to bring back my favorite christian rock bands from my youth. You can tell that you love what you do because it shows in the final product. All the little extras in these cds and vinyl releases are appreciated. - Michael M.


I received my John Schlitt today as described, packaged well and arrived on time. Great Job Girder. Nice to see a company follow through to the T. - Robert East
Geoff Moore - First 3 Albums Remastered

Geoff Moore - First 3 Albums Remastered

PRE-ORDER FRIDAY OCTOBER 16 AT 12:00 NOON First 2 albums never before on CD 8-13 Panel Jewel Case with Photos, Lyrics, Insights and more. AOR Hard Rock / Arena Rocker All 3 early albums remastered and reloaded WHERE ARE THE...

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What Our Customers Are Saying

💬 Just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome remasters. There are so many great albums that the only thing needed was a remaster "

Sam Chapman 10/21/2020

💬 I thank you!!! Thank you for having a vision of breathing new life into so many CCM classics that many of us thought would never see the light of day on CD or vinyl. You a creating a tremendous legacy. Also because of your work so many of us can share these with our children. It's amazing what you've done Greg. We all owe a great debt to you. I'll gladly pay my Rob Frazier bill as soon as you give the word that you are moving forward on his projects. Heck, I am checking Girder out weekly to see what I still need although my wife says "wants" I assure her they are indeed "needs

Jerry Hollis 11/13/2020

💬 I am so thankful that you put a company together that stocks and sells the old 70’s and 80’s Christian rock. You don’t see these artists and titles around the mainstream stores, and what you offer is the best music! Keep it up and never stop the good work you are doing in putting great Christian music into the hands of the people that need it!

Jeremy McMullen emailed us this note on Nov. 13, 2020

💬 What you are doing definitely matters! I have been hoping for a while that the legacy and history of classic CCM, rock, pop and metal would be respected and preserved for current and future fans, and you guys are doing it! What I appreciate is that you are releasing classics across all genres for all types of listeners. Something for everyone! Keep it up, keep the good news coming, and you are in my prayers.

- Eric G.