International Shipping

Cheap Shipping to YOUR Country

We have partnered with UPS for our international shipping, offering an AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE international service called Worldwide Economy! We have always shipped international, but now it's cheaper than ever, now with no more surprise costs (duties/taxes). 

All UPS international services will also show a FULL LANDED COST at the point of checkout, including duties & taxes.

Worldwide Economy shipping options you might see, depending on your country and weight of package.

Worldwide Economy DDU  (Slower but Cheaper)
This should be the Cheapest option. Duties & Taxes Paid at Delivery.
This option will not show if your package is over 70.4 oz. (4.4 lbs.)

Here is an example of a $48 / 12 oz. package


"Worldwide Economy DDP Duties & Taxes Included"  (Slightly Faster includes taxes)
Here is example of a 6lb (96oz.) package to Canada for 3 Petra Vinyl Record



*EU Customers Please Note: all orders are subject to VAT. You will be asked to pay everything at checkout.*



Benefits of Worldwide Economy

  • Economical pricing for reliable delivery between 5-12 days
  • Tracking available at
  • Full Landed Cost available at checkout.
    NO MORE SURPRISE CHARGES  at time of delivery
  • Worldwide Economy will display as a shipping option on our website for international orders
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