Angelica was a later 80’s early 90’s Christian Hard Rock/Metal AOR band that was the brainchild of guitarist Dennis Cameron and with a very 80s commercial hard rock sound, less like Sunset Strip metal and more like the heavier side of Pop metal / AOR. Think 707, Shout, Tamplin, Prophet, Strangeways, Alien, Unruly Child, Stryper, Crystavox, Joshua, Mr. Big, Frehley's Comet or Sammy Hagar.
Angelica - Their debut album, the only one to feature vocals by Rob Rock (Impelliteri/Driver), on all but one track ("Face To Face") which was sung by Ken Tamplin is a cult like release bring in fans from all over the globe.
Walkin’ In Faith was Angelicas second album but contained a different singer and was more of a Christian pop metal band but still featured all the driving and prolific guitar work of Dennis Cameron.
The Demo Sessions is the 9 song demos that contained Andy Lyon (Pre Rob Rock).
All of these have been completely remastered and the Demo songs were taken right from the original recordings that Dennis Cameron (guitarist) located just a few weeks ago.