Sell To Us / Get Your Music Listed

If you are a Christian Metal, Thrash, Extreme, Rock, Hardcore, or Alternative band and wish to sell on you may submit your product via mail to us for consideration providing it falls under the following criteria.

  1. You are in a Christian band that plays Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Thrash, Doom or other similar style of music.
  2. You have a Retail ready CD. A retail ready Cd contains, a jewel case, sleeve, traycard, shrink wrap with professional art work, and replicated CD. No CDR's, or duplicated CDs will be considered without approval first. Still send it, but know we might not accept it.

How You Get Paid

Send us a box of 30 CDs once we sell them we will pay you $5 each and buy more if it sold well. Your responsibility will be to tell everybody that they’re available now at  You also need to provide us a tracklist, a compelling product description and a video with audio that fans can listen to.

If they don’t sell within 12 months, we will send them back or offer you a price to buy the remaining. We keep a card in the back of the 30 count boxes with all your contact information so that nothing gets lost and we have a way to reach you once we are down to our last few copies.

CDs can be sent to 2020 Capital Dr. Wilmington, NC 28405

If your CD does not already contain the information please include the following, if applicable.

  • Lyrics
  • Copyright date
  • Produced by
  • Record Label
  • Members names and instuments
  • A one paragraph write up about your CD
  • Other locations or companies that are currently selling your CD.
  • Your contact information
  • The MSRP and your wholesale price and terms.
  • You can mail a copy of your CD to us for consideration.

Send Your Product

mGirder Music
2020 Capital Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28405


We will not accept links to your youtube, itunes, spotify account or MP3's to be a serious inquiry. We must see the product in it's retail ready state to even be considered. Please understand that well value our customers and will only send them a top notch product. For this reason we can not accepts, CDR copies, slimline jewel case products or any other form of product not normally used in a professional retail outlet.