The Longest Road (Lyrics) JAG - The Longest Road

The Longest Road
Billy Smiley, Dale Oliver

I’ve been this way before
A déjà vu I can't ignore anymore
It comes to haunt my life
This battle of my heart and mind burns inside
Leaves curtains on my eyes

So many times my mind says yes
To what my heart says no
Oh, Lord, show me which way to go

Oh, the longest road
Is from my head to my heart
That’s where the journey starts
Oh, the longest road
Is where I walk each day
I pray that you will guide
Each step I take

You know my heart is true
All I want is just to live for you (just live for you )…
But how many times,
has my head turned away from seeing the truth and following you

I saw my footprints in the sand where I fell again and again
But each time you reached out your hand

Chorus 2x
... On this longest road.
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