Officially Licensed Music = Brand Protection

Our number one priority at Girder Music LLC is ensuring our customers and fans of our brand and this music, have a positive and safe experience when interacting with our business. Bootleg merchandise and the increase of fraudulent websites pose a threat to our brand integrity as well as the labels and music of bands they represent.

Counterfeit music and products mimic the appearance of authentic licensed music, deceiving fans and collectors with seemingly identical music at dramatically lower prices. The allure of a bargain often blindsides buyers, leading them to unwittingly support these counterfeit bootleg releases. As these goods circulate, they tarnish the reputation and integrity carefully built by brands over years of dedicated craftsmanship and quality assurance. 

When you purchase from Girder Music LLC, you can be assured that music we license and releases that we drop through our labels and brands are fully vetted and licensed from the rights holder and owner of the music.

If you feel that you have been sold a fraudulent release, have come across fraudulent sellers or websites or you have a question about the authenticity of an item, please drop using our contact us page