4 PETRA VINYL Remastered w/Posters and Color/Effects

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Christian Rock's #1 band, PETRA, is louder, crisper with more definition, punch and attitude and finally get the credit they deserve.  Never Say Die (1981), Not Of This World (1983), Back To The Street (1986) and On Fire! (1988) have been remastered for vinyl from original sources and are back on vinyl for the first time decades. All 4 of these classic Christian rock releases are printed on heavy weight vinyl in a special effect/color combination, includes a 12"x18" poster and includes 2 sided printed inner sleeve with lyrics and photos.

2021 marks the 40th anniversary of Never Say Die and 2022 will mark Petra's 50th Anniversary. 

Read all about these iconic releases below.



Never Say Die


Originally released in 1981. Something happened between 1979 and 1981.  Petra's 4th album Never Say Die took a turn to very AOR/Def Leppard-ish like approach compared to the softer approach of Washes Whiter Than, dropping rockers like “Chameleon,” “Angel of Light,” “Without Him We Can Do Nothing,” “Father of Lights” and “Praise Ye the Lord.”  It became very clear that this band was headed for Christian Arena-Rock Stardom, leaving the classic mellower style behind and forging a new path towards 80's epic Christian rock band status and success that few bands enjoyed. You'll understand after listening to it how Petra went from hand to mouth to become Christian Music's first stadium rock band and indeed the genre's first supergroup putting on a show like Styx or Kansas traveling with a stage set-up that required 3 semi-trucks. This album is the all-out assault on the forces of darkness.  Yes, it was militant like, and yes we all officially enlisted in God’s army after hearing it.  From the graphics to the lyrics, to the stage set-up, Petra officially waged war on the enemy but also on the complacency of a Christian band that just wanted to rock, and rock they did. Only getting better with each and every album.

Hot on the heels of the success of Never Say Die, Petra's return featured an even more polished production, intentional and disciplined composition, and a sweeping scale. More Power to Ya rivaled mainstream albums by groups like Journey, Boston, or Styx in style and sound, but brought an unabashed message of encouragement to Christian listeners. Christian radio had a field day with the title track, while rock fans thrilled to the stripped-down riff (and creepy backwards message) of “Judas’ Kiss.” “Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows” dared to challenge complacency within the church, while “The Road To Zion” struck an epic, almost Zeppelinesque tone both lyrically and musically. More Power to Ya checked all the boxes, rose to even higher sales levels, and saw Petra become one of the biggest touring spectacles in Christian music.  

Bob Hartman – Guitar
Greg X. Volz – Lead vocals
John Slick – Keyboards
Mark Kelly – Bass
Louie Weaver – Drums


  1. The Coloring Song (2:52)
  2. Chameleon (5:47)
  3. Angel Of Light (4:21)
  4. Killing My Old Man (3:46)
  5. Without Him We Can Do Nothing (3:26)
  6. Never Say Die (3:42)
  7. I Can Be Friends With You (4:12)
  8. For Annie (4:24)
  9. Father Of Lights (3:02)
  10. Praise Ye The Lord (3:13)


Not Of This World

RELEASE DATE:  Spring/Summer 2022


Originally released in 1983. If there was an album that might have influenced an entire Christian rock culture, look no further than Not of This World, the band’s 5th album.  By 1983, Petra was running on rocket fuel.  Not of This World proved to every creature on earth (and beyond) what a great rock album should sound like and while some Christian bands were content with using Christian cliches, Petra had more of an interest in providing hope.  It's no surprise looking back at why Petra reached an entire generation. They proved that you could have an album that rocked but also provided a message of hope, and none more powerful than their song “Grave Robber.”  Just take a moment and read these lyrics...

There's a step that we all take alone
An appointment we have with the great unknown

Like a vapor this life is just waiting to pass
Like the flowers that fade, like the withering grass

But life seems so long and death so complete

And the grave an impossible portion to cheat
But there's One who has been there and still lives to tell
There is One who has been through both heaven and hell

And the grave will come up empty-handed the day

Jesus will come and steal us away

Where is the sting, tell me where is the bite
When the grave robber comes like a thief in the night
Where is the victory, where is the prize
When the grave robber comes
And death finally dies

Petra - Not of This World will blow you away, and once again "Death will be swallowed in sweet victory."  Remastered from original sources with an 8-page booklet with lyrics in a jewel case. Also comes with a limited edition trading card.


    1. Visions (Doxology) 2:01
    2. Not Of This World 4:52
    3. Bema Seat 3:57
    4. Grave Robber 4:20
    5. Blinded Eyes 5:32
    6. Not By Sight 3:21
    7. Lift Him Up 3:26
    8. Pied Piper 4:01
    9. Occupy 3:30
    10. Godpleaser 4:35
    11. Visions Reprise (Doxology) 2:27

    Back To the Street

    Very few bands have had more than one lead singer in which the later singers saw as much, if not more, success than the previous. Those exceptions would be Sammy Hagar of Van Halen, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Dio with Black Sabbath and John Schlitt with Petra.  Back To the Street, John's first album with the band and their 8th overall album, gave PETRA new life and even more success than they could have dreamed of garnering a Grammy™ Nomination for best Gospel Group (1987) and a long line of Dove Awards and Grammy™ Awards to come.  When you start this strong you are either doomed for failure or as in John's situation, you have something to prove.  The band was stronger and tighter thanks to the work of producers John and Dino Elefante, who demanded excellence if they were going to stamp their name on it. Petra fans were delighted. Melodic Rock with guitar hooks, catchy lyrics, soaring vocals, AOR ear-candy like no other. The new vocalist fit like a hand in a glove.  It was strong musically, and powerful lyrically. Everything about this album just worked. 

    Everything that can be shakin' will be shakin' within, better have your house in order when the shakin' begins. (From the song “SHAKIN THE HOUSE.”)

    Remastered from original sources with an 8-page booklet with lyrics in a jewel case. It also comes with an LTD collector’s card inside.


    • Bob Hartman – Guitar
    • Mark Kelly – Bass
    • Louie Weaver – Drums
    • John Lawry – Keyboards
    • John Schlitt – Lead vocals


    1. Back To The Street (4:12)
    2. You Are I Am (3:08)
    3. Shakin' The House (4:28)
    4. King's Ransom (4:18)
    5. Whole World (4:50) 
    6. Another Crossroad (3:50)
    7. Run For Cover (3:15)
    8. Fool's Gold (4:48)
    9. Altar Ego (4:43)
    10. Thankful Heart (3:17)

    On Fire! 


    On Fire!, originally released in 1988, is by far the heaviest of all Petra albums with the exception of Jekyll and Hyde.  A true hard rock masterpiece if there ever was one. On Fire! was nominated for a Grammy™ and won a Dove award for their music video. It was also the first album to include their new bassist, Ronnie Cates.  It was PETRA IN THEIR PRIME and deserving of all the awards bestowed on them by the critics and fans.  After This Means War dropped in 1987 with such success, no one would ever go on record saying that Petra would be able to top it. That thought would have been ludicrous.  But the band, engineers, and producers had other plans, forging an entirely new album that would go down as one of the band's all-time great albums, and for most, their absolute favorite.  As much as this album rocks, it also checks all the boxes for a spiritual warfare attack on the kingdom of darkness. Make no mistake about it, this is one album that is a threat to the enemy or anyone that thinks that Petra won't go down fighting. They were absolutely on fire (pun intended). It's a true representation of what a rock album should be. Just one listen and you'll quickly understand why Petra was everyone’s favorite Christian Rock band.   

    Remastered from original sources with an 8-page booklet with lyrics in a jewel case. It also comes with a very special flaming LTD collector’s card inside.

    Bob Hartman – Lead guitar, arrangements
    John Lawry – Keyboards, arrangements, background vocals
    Louie Weaver – Drums
    John Schlitt – Lead and background vocals
    Ronny Cates – Bass guitar

    Additional musicians
    John Andrew Schreiner – Keyboards, programming
    Tim Heitz – Programming
    John Lawry – Computer programming
    John Elefante – Background vocals
    Bob Carlisle – Background vocals
    Rikki Michelle – Background vocals on "Homeless Few"


      1. All Fired Up (4:30)
      2. Hit You Where You Live (4:20)
      3. Mine Field (4:28)
      4. First Love (4:10)
      5. Defector (4:30)
      6. Counsel Of The Holy (3:37)
      7. Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name (4:02)
      8. Open Book (4:28)
      9. Stand In The Gap (4:10)
      10. Homeless Few (4:33)


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