Nostalgia Overload - Audio Adrenaline Don't Censor Me Coming to Vinyl

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First Time On Vinyl

In 1993 Audio Adrenaline dropped one of their biggest albums, Don't Censor Me. The song Big House reached number 1 on Christian radio, and is often regarded as one of the band's biggest hits. It received 1990's Song of the Decadeby CCM Magazine.  I would imagine that it was also the encore for many show.  With over 8 million streams on Spotify this songs is just one of the many great hits you'll on this 42 minutes and 42 seconds of funky rock and blissfully stunning album Don't Censor Me. 
Until now, Don’t Censor Me was only released on CD and Cassette. It's hard to believe that 2023, was the 30th anniversary of this great record.  Now for the first time ever, you can own it on vinyl.  The vinyl is pressed adrenaline orange marble swirl and includes 2-sided insert with lyrics. It is also part of the prestigious Limited Run Vinyl collection, making it a collectors dream for audiophiles and fans alike. Get ready for nostalgia overload and get ready to experience “Big House” in a big big way.  
  • Release date: 07/26/2024
  • Includes hit songs Big House, We're a Band and Can't Take God Away
  • Adrenaline Orange Vinyl
  • 2-Sided Insert
  • Limited Run Vinyl series
  • Mastered for Vinyl
  • Originally released on CD/Cassette in 1993
  • 2024 Girder Music (GR1194)
  • UPC: 765105160003

Nostalgia Overload

No cell phones. No instant messages. No texts. No social media apps. If you wanted to stay connected as a Christian youth in the 90s, you did it at youth group. Once a week, the typical Sunday morning experience of hymns, sermons, and special music was replaced with ridiculous games, relevant conversations, raucous laughter, and of course, music. Loud, energetic Christian rock proudly proclaiming the name of Jesus for a bunch of kids who just wanted music to call their own. The kind of music that you could show your friends without embarrassment. The kind of music you could love at 13, and as it turns out, still love 30 years later. 

If you were a youth group kid in the 90s (or the parent of one), there were a few Christian rock bands whose name you will never forget. In those circles, everyone knew names like DC Talk, The Newsboys, and of course, Audio Adrenaline. Just hearing their name will have many of us singing "Big House" in our head for the rest of the day.  A storied career that spanned a whopping 10 albums by the end began at Kentucky Christian College in 1986. Before the Grammy awards and the Dove awards, they were just some college guys in a band they called A-180. As A-180, they caught the attention of ForeFront Records with their song, "My God." Signing with Forefront Records in 1991, the lineup of lead vocalist Mark Stuart, guitarist Barry Blair, bassist Will McGinniss, and Keyboardist Bob Herdman, released their self-titled album with the label in 1992.

Audio Adrenaline became a mainstay in the Christian rock world of the 90s with the release of their sophomore album, Don't Censor Me in 1993. Bolstered by the band's biggest hit, "Big House," the album catapulted them to audiences, first as opening act for DC Talk and The Newsboys, and later as headliners in their own right. Don't Censor Me is well regarded for its infectious sing-alongs courtesy of "Big House" and "We're a Band," radio hit, "Can't Take God Away," and its moody fan-favorite album ender, "Scum Sweetheart." Audio Adrenaline would build on the success of this record with later releases, but the foundation they built on Don't Censor Me would keep them on solid footing for the rest of their career.
Side A
  1. Can't Take God Away (3:59)
  2. A.K.A. Public School (3:32)
  3. Soulmate (3:37)
  4. My World View (4:24)
  5. Big House (3:33)
  6. Jesus & The California Kid (2:55)
Side B
  1. Don't Censor Me  (3:15)
  2. Let Love (4:35)
  3. We're A Band (4:02)
  4. Rest Easy (4:42)
  5. My Scum Sweetheart (4:09)

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