• 100 Lava-Fire-Orange

  • Also Available in Translucent Blue (50)

  • Gatefold Jacket w/24" x 24" Poster

  • 2-Sided Printed Inner Sleeves with Lyrics, and Photos

  • Remastered Audiophile Pressing from Original Sources by Rob Colwell

  • Hype Sticker matching Each Pressing

It's been over 30 years since Bloodgood dropped their sophomore album and arguably on of the greatest Christian metal albums of all time and nearly every best of list agrees.  Heaven's Metal ranked it at #8.  YES, number eight!!! Above Bride Snake in the Playground.  It's that good.  And now it completely remastered by Rob Colwell it comes in a gatefold jacket that opens up to iconic band pictures and includes a  large 24" x 24" band poster with full color 2-sided inner lyric sleeve with lyrics and credits. It's also available in 2 colors. 100 units in translucent blue and 100 units in lava-fire-orange.

This is also been remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. Mastered for Vinyl.  When you remaster for vinyl, it is a completely different process than CD remastering.   The goal is always to let the vinyl breathe and no push the decibels too high.  That's what gives vinyl such a warm, rich, deep sound. 

These Bloodgood releases are not only two of the best Christian metal albums to come out of the 80's the are also are top shelf elite re-issues. Gatefold designed with posters. No mini posters here. These are 24" x 24" in other words when you pull them out you have to unfold and unfold again. For too long in the music industry the Christian rock releases were always second to the secular mainstream.  Not any longer. I am going to make sure of that. This are done at the highest level. Completely remastered colored splatter and marble. No question about it, these are the best possible release that could be done.  No missing songs, no missing lyrics.  YOU GET EVERYTHING and at top notch quality.  Promise.    I wanted these to last the next 20-30 year and still be able to pull it out and be proud of it.  This band deserves it and so do you and I.  So join me in celebrating history of 2 of the best Christian metal albums of all time. 

Les recently stated "This is the album where we went to the record company and said let us (the band) produce this album and we will deliver you a great metal album. We were the writers, the arrangers and the producers. Yes, we had an engineer (Doug Dole), but we (the band) wrote all the songs and oversaw the entire mix. We locked ourselves into a warehouse and worked all day long, every day until it was complete."

Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH) did a review of Detonation in Circus Magazine which discussed the relevance of a Christian Metal album and how Bloodgood did everything correct.

What really surprising is how well this record still holds up. So many bands back in the day used reverb on everything and listening to some of those now, sounds a bit outdated and hokey, yet Bloodgoods' Detonation still sounds fresh and new. Les's voice is at it's peak which thankfully also stands up to todays' rock vocals. 

It's amazing what 30+ years can do to ones perspective and what 30+ years can do to cement your name as one of the greatest Christian Rock albums of all time.  Detonation does just that. 

What Others Have To Say

Johnathan Swank (Heavens Metal) Posted this.

Bloodgood’s Detonation hardly needs an introduction. This is – simply put – a classic within the Christian scene. The gritty melodic bite of David Zaffiro’s guitars, anchored by the solid rhythm section, combined with Les Carlson’s passionate and intense exhalations were the perfect formula not only for success, but more importantly, for the delivery of the Gospel message. Circa 1987, Stryper and a few other bands had made inroads into the metal community, but they were largely rejected by the evangelical church. Bloodgood’s ministry and preaching was uncompromising, Les didn’t water down his message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.
Musically, these tracks still sound amazing over 3 decades later. Songs like “Battle of the Flesh,” “Eat the Flesh,” “Self Destruction” and “Holy Fire” are barnburners, but it has always been the one-two punch of “Crucify” and “The Messiah” that made this album so special. Just try listening to “The Messiah” without shedding tears. It is amazing – and a testimony to the impact this music had at the time (and still does) – that this song can still illicit that kind of response.
Andrew Rockwell (Angelic Warlord)

Most well known bands record a signature album in which they make a statement regarding the artistic and creative pinnacles of their career.  For Stryper that would be To Hell With The Devil and Bride Snakes In The Playground.  Deliverance had Weapons Of Our Warfare – although I would not argue with anyone who mentions Learn – while Bloodgood had Detonation. Detonation from 1987 that Bloodgood took things to the next level.

The difference, as is often the case, boils down to musical direction and songwriting.  In comparison to the debut, which featured a blend of melodic and traditional metal, Detonation takes the heavier and more aggressive approach.  Those who describe it as straightforward heavy metal would not be far from the mark.  Songwriting wise, the debut proved consistent with a share of good to great songs, but Detonation found Bloodgood coming into its own and delivering some of the finest compositions of its career, many which remain concert staples to this day.