DAILY G EPISODE #6: Seven Releases We Love from Limited Run Vinyl

Here are 7 release form LimitedRunVinyl.com that we love and we think you will love too.  So let's jump into it. 

All of these releases are available on LimitedRunVinyl.com or right here at GirderMusic.com.  Here's the link to those.  We also have the link in the YouTube video if you ever need to get back to it.  

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ANGELICA ROCK STOCK AND BARREL is the 3rd album from Angelica.  It was fronted by Dennis Cameron and includes the amazing song called COVER ME.  This album is a greyish blue with swirl and comes with an incredible 2-sided printed insert with lyrics. 

GENERATION - BRUTAL REALITY is 180 gram black vinyl.  If you love Industrial such as Mortal, Circle of Dust or Brainchild, you need to pick this up.  It also includes the amazing guitar work of TROUBLE guitarist Bruce Franklin.

SHOUT - IN YOUR FACE - is you love 80's melodic hair metal, this is for you. KEN TAMPLIN put out some amazing work. This was his second album with Chuck King who earlier played on IDLE CURE's debut.

We also discuss Die Happy, Trytan and Siloam - Sweet Destiny. Make sure you watch the video for all of these.

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