The Devil Horns Are Not "Of The Devil" or Satanic

The Devil Horns Are Not "Of The Devil"

Over the years many of us, including myself have confused the symbol of holding 2 fingers (index and pinky) in the air as THE DEVIL HORNS, when in-fact it's not. 

Let me explain.

You already know this but if you go to any rock concert you'll see people with their hands in the air displaying this symbol.  It's the sign of having a good time, showing your support, that song rocks, and even I love you.  However the real symbol of "I love you" is actually with the thumb out as well.  But that's a different symbol that I'll leave for a different time. 

The "Devil Horns" as it's often called was made famous by Ronnie James Dio or just DIO, who was a member of Black Sabbath and fronted his own band, DIO. It was often thought that flashing the devil horns was a portal that satan could enter in and that it also looked like a demons face when you were flashing it.  

Ronnie James Dio explains in multiple interviews that the symbol came from his Italian Grandmother who used it to actually fend off evil or someone giving them the "evil eye".  It is known as the Maloik a superstition that came from Italian decent.  He explains that it can also be used to give someone the evil eye.

If you live in Texas and you follow the Longhorns you'll know that in Longhorn country the hook-em' sign is considered the official symbol of the Texas Longhorns and a mark of school pride and was actually created in 1955 by Harley Clark.  Yes, it's the exact same extended index and pinky finger. 

So while many Christian might have their "panties in a bunch" ... oops!  was that inappropriate, you need to not worry that if you see this symbol that you are giving the devil access or inviting evil in your house, your heart and your music.  It's actually quite silly that anyone would think that a hand gesture, although some (like the middle finger) are inappropriate depending on where you come from, you won't be "going to hell" because you see one, give one or experience the horns weather at a concert or a game.