First Four Disciple Albums Get the Girder Treatment



4 CDs + 2 Vinyl From Disciple

  • What Was I Thinking (1995) CD w/Collector Card
  • This Might Sting A Little () CD w/Collector Card + Vinyl (Yellow/Black Splatter)
  • By God (2001) CD w/Collector Card
  • Back Again (2003) CD w/Collector Card + Vinyl (Red)

Disciple's first four albums have been completely remastered by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound) and given the Girder treatment (as some once coined it) layout by Scott Waters (NoLifeTilMetal). Each CD comes in a jewel case with readable lyrics and liner notes along with LTD special UV print, foil stamped collector cards. This Might Sting A Little has the original purple cover and available on CD and yellow & black splatter vinyl.  Back Again is also on CD and red vinyl.  Yep, 4 CDs and 2 Vinyl.

  • All 4 CDs will be available Sept. 30, 2022
  • Both Vinyl will be in-stock March, 2023.

*** We strongly recommend that you place separate orders if you don't want to wait for the CDs, since all product ordered together will ship together.   


From Kevin Young & Josiah Prince - DISCIPLE

We are very excited to have partnered with Girder which has allowed us to see some of our albums on Vinyl for the first time and some that haven’t been on CD for a while either.   I think it’s going to be very special. 
- Kevin Young

We are excited about these releases from Girder Records, and as always, we so appreciate Disciple fans, who continually show support for our newer music as well as classics like these.
- Josiah Prince



Formed in 1992, Disciple has recorded 12 albums and 3 EP’s, played thousands of shows worldwide, headlined tours since the late 90’s, has 15 No. 1 singles, sold hundreds of thousands of records, received 2 Dove Awards and multiple nominations, had its music featured by ESPN’s NFL Live, WWE, Fox Sports, as well as in commercials for CBS’ CSI: Miami and Criminal Minds, and more. The band has paid their dues traveling relentlessly and playing nearly every festival, Church youth group and concert hall that would have them. Few bands have worked as hard to refine their sound and perfect their craft as these guys, which is is proof that hard work, commitment and dedication pays off. However there are a few things you should know about Disciple.  The are serious about their faith, they are some of the funnest dudes on this planet and each album is a rock concert loaded with encouragement and first pumping anthems. These first four albums have been out of print and in high demand for quite some time. However, the wait is over. 

What Doug Van Pelt (Heaven's Metal) Had to Say:

Disciple came out of nowhere, it seems, with a loud, boisterous sound coupled with a full-volume proclamation about Jesus. This tight trio created a combination of groove-heavy metal that immediately struck a nerve in the mid-90’s with metalheads starving for unashamed musical bravado and Jesus-first lyrics. Simply put, these albums won our hearts over with passion. 

- - Doug Van Pelt (Heaven's Metal)


What Was I Thinking (1995)

Disciple's first full length album What Was I Thinking, was release on their own independent label. in 1995. The album was produced by first-time producer Travis Wyrick, former guitar player of the band Sage. 


Just when you thought the days were gone where bands could blow you away musically and spiritually! Those were my initial thoughts when I first listened to the debut from Disciple in the mid ‘90’s. Rough and raw around the edges, these songs spanned the gap between the Alice in Chains type grunge rock of the early 90’s and the post-grunge groove rock that would dominate the latter part of the decade – and they still rock hard with relevance to this day.
– Jonathan “Doc” Swank, Heaven’s Metal Magazine 



This Might Sting A Little (1999)

Disciple's second album This Might Sting a Little (1999), generated them two GMA Dove Award nominations and two Number 1 Christian rock hit songs with "I Just Know" and "Big Bad Wolf." This Might Sting A Little is the only Disciple album to contain no ballads whatsoever but what it lacks in ballads it makes up for in intense metal riffs with a punch in the mouth revelation.  No punches are pulled in this razor sharp collection of tracks that strip away ambiguity to tell it like it like it is. 


Blending a hard rock style with massive grooves and a Rage Against the Machine vocal attack these guys rose to be the premier Christian groove/semi-rapcore band of the decade. Where the My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy EP (Warner, 1997) anchored their credibility as a musical act, it wasn’t until 1999 and the release of Sting where Disciple established with boldness that they were a ministry band first and foremost – the songs possessed a massive message with a massive musical force to propel them with clarity to the world.
– Jonathan “Doc” Swank, Heaven’s Metal Magazine


By God  (2001)

The bands third full-length studio album By God went on to win the Inspirational Life Award in 2001 and earned them two Number 1 Christian rock hits with the songs “By God” and “God of Elijah,” along with two Dove Award nominations.


By fusing the styles and sounds of their first 3 releases, Disciple succeeding in surpassing everything they had accomplished up to this point. The musicality became a much more important element of the Disciple sound - the compositions in general more complex, the drumming more to the forefront and the huge riffs, and huge production sound even more massive. The intensity of the lyrical praises and convictions were no less “in your face” but they now enjoyed a more musically grounded platform from which to speak. Not rock stars, but on By God, Disciple commanded your attention in every aspect and in doing so garnered qualities which so many bands dream of but few attain – quality, credibility, notoriety and relevance with impact.
– Jonathan “Doc” Swank, Heaven’s Metal Magazine


Back Again (2003)

The fourth album released by Disciple earning them two No. 1 Christian rock hits with the songs “Back Again” and “Wait.” The album is a groove metal sludge-fest that smacks listeners over the head with riveting songs and an overtly Christian message.


I have always thought of Back Again as Disciple’s “black album” – partly because from a musical standpoint it was their most metal release to date, but partly because the deeply personal nature of the lyrics imparted that dark, metal quality so integral to some of the great metal releases out there. It was a big step away from the sheen magic and confident magnetism of By God, but in no way an apostasy from the core Disciple vision or ministry. Regardless of what it wasn’t, there is no denying what it is – it’s metal!
– Jonathan “Doc” Swank, Heaven’s Metal Magazine.




















In 1988, Disciple signed with Rugged Records and released their second full-length album. This Might Sting A Little on June 1. 1999. This album generated them two GMA Dove Award nominations and two Number 1 Christian rock hit songs with "I Just Know" and "Big Bad Wolf." This Might Sting A Little is the only Disciple album to contain no ballads whatsoever but what it lacks in ballads it makes up for in intense metal riffs with a punch in the mouth revelation.  No punches are pulled in this razor sharp collection of tracks that strip away ambiguity to tell it like it like it is. 

Musically, Disciple serves up straight, classic heavy-metal. Outside of a brief blues number at the very end of the last track, past southern influences are not as prominent, and previously heard elements of rap-core are evident in only a few areas. Taking the spotlight is guitar-laced, drum-pounding, not-punk-more-than-rock-old-school-here-to-stay metal all of us products of the seventies and eighties can reminisce about. This is mordern metal, with the 90's grunge forcing the spandex to be turned in for blue jeans and concerns over the ozone doing away with the hair sprayed wonders in favor of that natural long-hair look. Remaining are song after song of screaming yet clear vocals, catchy choruses, and, well... metal.

While some bands may get together and try to come up with the next great hook, Disciple gets together to figure out how they can tell the world about Christ. From the opening track 'I Just Know', to the closing "Furthermore", which simply ask "what the heck else do we have to do to get you to understand what we're saying here?". Removing any doubt, the album even includes an alter call over blues style guitar work at the end of the final track.

I could go on and on about the quality of the guitar solos, the great bass riffs, or the catchy choruses, but something tells me these guys wouldn't care less. I don't know, maybe it has something to do with tracks like '1 2 Conductor' ("I don't give a rat's rear end what they say as long as my God's happy"). Not only do they not care if you like the music, but they're not afraid to support the album's title by saying it like it is, such as in 'Worship Conspiracy' ("pray to buddah every day, put us to shame in every way,...fasting fourty days, we can't lift our hands in praise, God deserves more than you're giving Him"). The band's complete sell-out-to-Jesus motivation makes the album that much more attractive  Unquestionably, this is metal-rock at its best and will fit perfectly into any head-bangers collection.


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