Geoff Moore - First 3 Albums Remastered


  • First 2 albums never before on CD
  • 8-13 Panel Jewel Case with Photos, Lyrics, Insights and more.
  • AOR Hard Rock / Arena Rocker
  • All 3 early albums remastered and reloaded WHERE ARE THE OTHER NINE, OVER THE EDGE and THE DISTANCE
  • Includes Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music Larry Norman Cover Song on OVER THE EDGE album
  • 4 Grammy Nominations - Multiple Dove Awards
  • For Fans of Bob Seagar, John Cougar Mellancamp and Bruce Springsteen
  • Produced by Whiteheart's Billy Smiley
  • Co-wrote with Charlie Peacock, and many Steve Curtis Champman Collaborations

Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music?

We've all been asking this question since Larry Norman first penned the song in 1972.  Thankfully Geoff Moore also asked that question and now 25 albums later (yes, you read that right) Geoff put to rest that question and put covered that song on his 2nd album OVER THE EDGE. 

Geoff broke into the music scene with the help of Michael W. Smith while working in Nashville at a mens clothing store in 1983/84.  Funny how being in the right place at the right time makes all the difference.  But before you think that it was all coincidental there are a few things you should know. Geoff began singing while he was at Taylor University and was classmate to Whiteheart future lead singer, Rick Florian and went on to collaborate with Steven Curtis Champman on multiple projects. Other coincidences or perhaps divine?  We won't ever know that exact answer but what we will know is that we are thankful that Geoff Moore had these encounters with Rick Florian, Michael W. Smith and eventually Billy Smiley and Steven Curtis Chapman as those early college years gave Geoff the music bug bringing him to Nashville.

Geoff recorded his first of three solo albums in 1984 title Where Are The Other Nine?  featuring guitarist Roscoe Meek, bassist Gary Mullett, keyboardist Geof Barkley and drummer Chuck Conner and Two years later in 1986 with Over the Edge, followed in 1987 by The Distance, all produced by Whiteheart's Billy Smiley.  After signing to Sparrow Records in 1987, he put together a touring band called "The Distance" and the rest is history with multiple Grammy Award Nominations including 4 Best Rock Gospel Albums and numerous Dove Awards. 

The first 2 albums Where Are The Other Nine? and Over The Edge, have never been on CD till now.  The Distance was on CD but nearly impossible to find.  Now all 3 of these albums have been completely remastered and reloaded and will come in a 8-12 page booklet with liner notes, photos, lyrics and a limited edition trading card, all different in each release.  

If you are unfamiliar with Geoff's amazing albums but you like John Cougar Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Segar, you'll be happy to know that Moore grew up listening to those artist and formed his sound base on those music influences. 



Geoff Moore ‎– Where Are The Other Nine?

Originally release in 1984

  1. Build The House 3:33
  2. Royal Priesthood 2:53
  3. Where Are The Other Nine? (Let Me Be The One) 3:36
  4. When You Get There (Love Will Take You In) 3:56
  5. One Heart 4:10
  6. Open Your Eyes 2:28
  7. Bread Of Life 3:50
  8. He Shall Be Praised 3:21
  9. Lonely Hearts Need Love 3:09
  10. The Fight Song 2:49


     Geoff Moore ‎– Over The Edge

    Originally release in 1986

    1. Tear Down The Walls 3:55
    2. Marianne 4:08
    3. Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music 4:03
    4. Lost Or Found 4:15
    5. Over The Edge 3:52
    6. Make Up Your Mind 4:18
    7. Love The One You Live In 4:28
    8. Rock Steady Believers 3:50
    9. Tough Love 4:16
    10. Nothing But Holy 3:34

    - - - - ---

    Geoff Moore ‎– The Distance

    Originally released in 1987

    1. Winning Back The Rock 3:19
    2. Never Wanna Go Back 3:44
    3. Familiar Stranger 3:17
    4. Tomorrow 4:00
    5. Didn't He 5:47
    6. Face The Music 4:31
    7. Trouble Tonight 3:46
    8. Sooner Or Later 3:27
    9. Obey 4:42
    10. Inside Out 3:55

    Geoff's Other Life is full of Life.

    Geoff is also an advocate for underprivileged children. He has partnered with Compassion International since 1985, being a spokesman and advocate for their work in releasing children from poverty throughout the developing world. He also works with Showhope, an organization founded by his close friends Steven and Mary Beth Chapman. Showhope cares for orphan children and helps assist with international adoptions.

    Geoff Moore is co-founder of an outdoor adventure company called Fellowship Adventures. Founded in 2014, Fellowship Adventures focusses on small group hunting, fishing, adventure and expeditions.